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Closeout Specials

Previous Closeout Samples Our warehouse is full of vinyl product that can be yours at bargain basement prices. Made with the same quality you've come to expect from our current lines of vinyl product, the only difference for you is style and price! If any of the products below seem right for your project, give us a call and order now — because supplies are limited!
Our prices are low to begin with, but our prices for closeout product is even lower!
Because of the nature of closeout specials, product listed on this page is sold either by the single roll or by the lineal yard — and all sales are final.

Single Roll Closeouts

Next to product number for each sample is a gold box. The number next to the above symbol in each box lists the number of single rolls still available for the associated sample. Single rolls are 27 inches wide and 13 feet long.
For a limited time, these closeouts may be purchased for the following prices:


Price Shipping & Freight
$5.95 per Single Roll Call for quote

Closeout orders are sold in doubles.

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WT-0052 (44 Single Rolls Remaining)
1) WT-0052
98-2206 (156 Single Rolls Remaining)
2) 98-2206
98-2209 (126 Single Rolls Remaining)
3) 98-2209
98-2217 (114 Single Rolls Remaining)
4) 98-2217
98-2223 (268 Single Rolls Remaining)
5) 98-2223
98-2243 (68 Single Rolls Remaining)
6) 98-2243
98-2246 (80 Single Rolls Remaining)
7) 98-2246
98-2286 (248 Single Rolls Remaining)
8) 98-2286
98-4411 (452 Single Rolls Remaining)
9) 98-4411
98-4418 (106 Single Rolls Remaining)
10) 98-4418
98-4439 (440 Single Rolls Remaining)
11) 98-4439
98-4440 (332 Single Rolls Remaining)
12) 98-4440
98-4475 (364 Single Rolls Remaining)
13) 98-4475

Please Note: This color, brightness, and texture of these samples may not be accurately reproduced on your computer screen.

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