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Acoustical Wallcoverings Installation Tips

Before You Start:

  1. Strip the walls bare. Make sure all protrusions, wall plates and prior wallcoverings have been removed.
  2. Seal walls and put down a coat of primer. Take special care when applying over glossy, wooden, and concrete surfaces.
  3. Check over new acoustical wallcovering carefully for damage, imperfections, and incorrect sizing.


  1. Cut wallcovering to necessary length, leaving a couple inches on each end.
  2. Confirm direction of knap on each roll of wallcovering.
  3. Apply the premixed, undiluted clear adhesive to the wall, not the wallcovering. Wait until the adhesive is tacky, but not dry, before installing the wallcovering.
  4. Install strips by numerical sequence in sets of three, making sure the knap is the same direction for all.
  5. Check for problems before proceeding to each new set of three.
  6. Use a straight edge to trim to precise length. Using a new blade for each strip will provide the best results.

Please Note: These tips are provided as a courtesy only. Goldcrest Wallcoverings is not responsible for mistakes or damage as a consequence of use. Not intended for use in lieu of a professional installer. Always defer to the recommendations and instructions of the product's manufacturer over the tips provided here.